Thursday, 28 January 2016

Whats in my makeup bag:

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” – Yves Saint Laurent

I thought I would include a few of my most used and favourite make-up products in my first beauty post! As you can tell I am a big fan of Mac, especially their face products. Also note that these are just some of my basic go to items. I am not one for varying my base look as once I find a foundation that suits me, skin type and colour wise I tend to stick to that. I have been using Mac studio fix fluid in NC15 for a few years now and I have to say its perfect for both day and night! I wear it with the mac mineralize powder in light for night time if I want to add any coverage. I also love Mac blushers and my usual shade is a pale pink or peachy colour – ‘peach twist’ being a favourite. I discovered Anastasia Beverley Hills dipbrow in dark brown when I was on holiday in America last year and it is the only product I have used on my eyebrows since, it is the perfect colour and just adds a bit of fullness without making them look crazy. Also it has lasted forever which is a bonus! I like to try out different primers but Smashbox have a wide range to suit different skin types, and the hydrating one works really well for my dry skin.

I’m not going to go over every product but two that really stand out for me in terms of new (ish) discoveries have to be Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and the holy grail of all sponges; the beauty blender! I had a very random first purchase of Charlotte Tilbury when I was wandering round Selfridges post lecture, and I thought about trying a lipstick out. I was on the hunt for an everyday shade that would suit me, which is difficult as most nudes are either too subtle or too dark on my pale face ha! The lady first tried Nude Kate on me, which was too yellowy and just didn’t suit me at all – so I gave Penelope Pink a whirl. It has to be the BEST lipstick I have ever tried, after being an avid fan of Mac’s lipsticks for so long I was immediately converted. The texture is incredible, super soft and moisturising and this particular shade is just right for every day. I was then given Miss Kensington by a friend who didn’t like it, and that is another favourite of mine. I will certainly be adding to the collection despite the price! I doubt anyone needs to see a beauty blender review about how incredible it is but I just wanted to say how pleasantly surprised I was after FINALLY purchasing one. I tend to use Real Techniques and Sephora brushes for my make-up, yet I knew something was missing. Considering I suffer from dry skin, this just seems to do something completely different to a typical brush. The fact that it is wet when you use it gives an amazing airbrushed finish and I cant believe I hadn’t tried it sooner!
There is a list of some of the products below if anyone is interested.

Victoria s Secret victoria secret bag
£14 -

Face powder
£15 -

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
£22 -

Smashbox makeup primer
£11 -

Mac cosmetic
£22 -

Mac cosmetic
£22 -

Beautyblender makeup tool
£14 -

Mac cosmetic
£19 -

Mac cosmetic
£19 -

Mac cosmetic
£12 -

Max Factor mascara
£9.41 -

Sisterhood at its finest:

“We need a little less Forever 21 and a little more Suddenly 42. ”

Immediately after seeing the trailer for 2016 chick flick comedy ‘Sister’s‘ I couldn’t help but flashback to the teen cult classic that was Mean Girls. Buying it underage and under the influence of the mass fandom it seemed to have created and continued to perpetuate, I was thrilled when I walked out of HMV smugly clutching it under my wing. It became one of the majority of teenage girls crucially important films in terms of the realistic topics it was central to, as well as the heart warming hilarity throughout. So in seeing the advertisement of two of many memorable Mean Girls’ characters from the teen hit; Tina Fey and Amy Poelher, epitomising what seemed to be an extremely girly, fun filled and uplifting film – I was dying to see what it had to offer! Following the story of two sisters in the midst of a family crisis in which they are forced to relive their youth; we are again rewarded with the same elements that made Mean Girls an ultimate female favourite.

With the impending doom of their family home being sold by their parents, real life ‘besties’ Fey and Poelher are shown recapturing their childhood and teen years by throwing a high school reunion bash at the house whilst it is still firmly within their grasp. Resulting in unimaginable yet hilariously entertaining consequences, from falling through ceilings, to creating a gigantic paint filled sink hole out of what once was their swimming pool; the girls actions echo youth and mischief.

The relationship between the two, although jeopardised towards the end of the film when Kate finds out that Maura had been secretly housing her daughter during the summer when she was unaware of where she was; is nothing other than real. Unlike other films such as ‘In her Shoes’ in which sisters that are complete opposites to one another are unable to get along, we are presented with an unbreakable bond between the two girls, highlighted through the realisation that sadly despite their desire to be young and free, (and their failed attempt at it resulting in a fall out) – they had to face growth and the harsh realities of adulthood. This however, was something they faced together (once they had made up of course). The contrast between the irresponsible and fun loving sister, and the sensible one is a concept that has been around since the days of Austen. Yet in Sister’s, it is these indifferences that are not only embraced but arguably make their relationship all the more admirable. Although they certainly know how to party, they eventually had to come to terms with their actions and confront the literal mess they had helped make, by fixing up the family home leading us to the all important and ever fulfilling happy ending. With just the right amount of fun, stability and adventure, along with their own comically choreographed dance routine; Fey and Poelher make every girl want to have a sister.

Did anybody else enjoy the film?

Watch the trailer here:


“New month, new intentions, new goals, new love, new light, and new beginnings.”

– April Mae Monterrosa

I’ve been meaning to get this blog up and running for about 2 years now – my bad! Being a student seems to have got the better of me in terms of organising anything outside of assignments, especially to do with writing as studying English means I spend the majority of my time doing so. Obviously it is something I have always enjoyed, and feel I would be stupid not to jump on the blogging bandwagon when I eventually want some kind of career to do with writing when I graduate. I will mainly be writing on things of interest to me, such as beauty and fashion, along with the odd film review or basically anything that I feel like sharing! I am new to this so it is all a bit daunting, even more so considering the amount of popularity beauty and lifestyle blogs seem to have gained during the past few years. Anyway for my first post although slightly belated, I thought I would share a handful of my personal goals for the year!

  1. Pass my driving test (which is something I can’t seem to think about without feeling physically sick..)
  2. Pass third year and graduate from University.
  3. Pay off my student overdraft.
  4. Have a piece of work published.
  5. Get fit and healthy (been on the list since ’95)

I look forward to blogging and hopefully finding some other people on here that share some of the same interests and can maybe lend a helping hand to the new gal!