Monday, 23 January 2017

A dream for dry skin: Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder Foundation

Finding a foundation that ticks all the boxes, and fits your specific needs can be extremely difficult. With so many different options on the beauty market, it can be overwhelming
, and hard to narrow down a handful of selections.

My first makeup splurge was on a Mac foundation, I didn't particularly have much knowledge about foundations but I simply followed the crowd, thinking a raved about foundation would immediately work for me. At first, I really liked it but I simply settled for the cons of the product, trying my best to mask any dry, flaky areas with even more product - school boy girl error. After a few years of getting to know my skin more, and realising the importance of researching a foundation and sampling it before investing, I found myself making better choices.

After years of sticking to Mac and thinking that I wouldn't find a foundation that didn't cling to drier areas on my skin, I eventually began to look elsewhere. I ended up trying numerous different foundations, none of which I was impressed with. I then fell in love with Laura Mercier's Crème Smooth foundation and couldn't believe that no matter how much of the product I applied, it didn't make my skin look flaky. This trusty, glass tub of heaven lasted me agggges, and sadly when it came to attempting to repurchase it just before Christmas I found out it was in the process of being discontinued.

Once I had stopped sulking and trying to look for it everywhere I decided it was time to let it go and find something else. I honestly didn't think I would find another foundation that worked so well with my skin, and that I loved as much, until I took a recent trip to the Charlotte Tilbury Covent Garden shop.

I explained to the lady my needs, and she recommended the Light Wonder foundation. I was awkwardly in between two shades with one matching perfectly, and the other being slightly too warm, so I went for the exact match, hoping that a bit of bronzer would liven it up.

I had my skin fully prepped and the foundation applied professionally. My initial reaction was that I liked it but wasn't overly thrilled. I think because I had no concealer, bronzer or blusher added; I couldn't quite decide if it was for me. Anyway of course I had to have an impulse buy and get it regardless (typical me).

I had a few breakouts at the time which is probably why I didn't instantly feel amazing , so I waited for my skin to clear and tried it out myself at home, hoping for a better outcome.

 I found it best to apply it gently with my fingers, and the consistency is unlike any other foundation I have used. It is so silky and creamy and glides on effortlessly, not sinking into any dry patches, just providing an even, flawless, fully blended finish. It doesn't add a great deal of coverage, however once concealer is applied (and a light dusting of powder), it really does look stunning. I would say it is like 'your skin but better', making it ideal for daily wear. I am yet to experiment with it properly, like trying to build on the coverage for perhaps a night out; but I absolutely love how the product gives you a gorgeous glow, and really hydrates your face. You can honestly feel the moisture in your skin, and it lasts all day.

It comes in a travel friendly 40ml tube so at £32 you get slightly more product than a typical foundation bottle. The squeezy tube is also super easy to work with, and means no foundation gets wasted. I really do love this product, and am so glad I have finally realised there are foundations out there that will suit me. Personally, the only thing I would love is if it offered slightly more coverage, just for those days where you feel like your skin needs it. Other than that, paired with a top quality concealer the coverage is just enough. It is safe to say, I have finally found my match!

Have you tried Light Wonder? Or do you have a different preference foundation for dry skin?

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