Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My 2016 Travel Destinations

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Returning to work after the festive period can leave us feeling flat. The lack of routine and comfort/freedom to do what you please without being judged
(like wolfing down a whole Terry's Chocolate Orange and staying in your PJ's all day), can certainly be seen as a happy place. Before you know it, alarms are set, strict diet regimes are in place and long hours in the office are back, all in the hope of training our body clocks back to normality, and weaning ourselves off the sugar and alcohol fuelled Christmas diet. However, despite feeling sluggish and like you need to revamp your entire life in order to feel fab again, don't tie yourself to such harsh and unrealistic resolutions, instead why not invest your time, effort and money into something much more fulfilling; travelling.

During the course of 2016, I was lucky enough to visit an array of amazing places across Europe; all of which I hadn't seen before. Considering it was my goal to see just one new place, experiencing 8 was an extreme bonus. Although I have been fortunate enough to see some beautiful places, I wouldn't exactly say I am an experienced 'traveller', yet going on my first cruise this year gave me a taste of it, and I seriously think I have caught the bug. I am already thinking about where to go this year, and what cultures and cities made it as firm favourites of mine - Lisbon and Florence are definitely top contenders.

To try and uplift anyone feeling a heavy case of the January Blue's, I thought I would reminisce, and share some of my personal memories of this summer (whilst probably making myself feel worse) - I hope to give inspiration to those looking for new travel destinations for 2017, or who are simply wanting some sunshine to look forward to. Save, plan and just go for it, there is nothing more enjoyable than opening your eyes to some of the incredible places we are lucky to have (not too far) from our own doorstep.

Places I visited:


I really enjoyed capturing pictures of the different places I visited, and thought I would share a few snapshots!

What's your favourite travel destination?

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