Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Red Carpet Ready: Starskin Hydrating Sheet Mask

For a good few years now, I have had a love for all things skincare. When it comes to anything beauty related, everyone knows the number one rule: look after your skin first
. Finding a skincare routine that suits you can be tricky, but once you find a few products that work for you, you will soon see the benefits.

Whether you suffer from dry, oily or combination skin, face masks are a great way to feel pampered and give your skin a little mid week boost. I personally have normal to dry skin, so when choosing a face mask I like to look for anything nourishing or hydrating.

After trying a manuka honey sheet mask from TK Maxx, I loved the notion of being able to have all the benefits of a face mask, without the messiness. The formula was great too, so when I saw the hype of Starskin masks all over social media last year, I decided to pick one up, as well as the under eye masks.

Said to be a firm favourite of supermodel Chrissy Teigan (particularly when travelling); these super soft sheet masks claim to give you 'a flawless, stunningly perfect complexion' and 'a healthy, radiant glow.' Originally a Japanese beauty secret, these masks are a quick and easy pick me up for your skin. Available in an array of different formulas, all targeting different, specific skin types - there is a mask to suit everyone.

The instructions state to cleanse your skin, and leave the mask on for about 20 minutes. I of course opted for the Hydrating mask, and popped mine on whilst in the bath, leaving it on for the specified amount of time. When I removed the mask, I was pleasantly surprised; my skin looked instantly brighter!

Not only did the appearance improve, I feel as though it seriously added moisture and made my face extremely soft and smooth. It also suggested on the packaging that it was a great way to prepare the skin before applying makeup, and I have to agree that it definitely made a difference. I looked as though I had drank endless amounts of water, and had a professional facial. I have had many facials in different spas, and I honestly felt like this had the same - if not a better effect, providing an effortlessly gorgeous glow.

The under eye masks are deeply infused with serum, and work to reduce dark circles and puffiness on the under eye area. You simply leave these in the fridge for ten minutes prior to application so they are slightly cold, and they feel amazing once you put them on. I have to say, although these felt incredibly soothing and were great for helping me relax, I was slightly disappointed when I didn't see any significant results. I probably had high expectations after trying the full face mask, however I couldn't tell whether they had reduced the bags under my eyes, so I wouldn't rush back to purchase these.

Starskin offer a range of various other products, ranging from full sheet masks to the under eye masks and even lip masks! Overall, I highly recommend trying a Starskin face mask. The hydrating one was certainly impressive, and did exactly what it said it would!

I bought mine from Duty Free, but they can be found online at:

Have you tried anything from Starskin? What is your favourite sheet mask?

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