Sunday, 12 March 2017

My travel essentials

Whether it's a long weekend or a break in the sun I am not very good at packing light - yes I'm one of those girls that takes half her wardrobe and the kitchen sink in her suitcase
(always a suitcase, bags are too small of course..) However, I do try my very best to narrow it down to the essentials and I thought I would share a few of my all time favourite items that I always take with me when travelling.

A good sized makeup bag 

This is obviously one of the most important on the list, making sure you have a practical, travel friendly makeup bag that has plenty of room in makes life a whole lot easier. Having all your toiletries and makeup in one place helps you to feel organised and also takes up less room in your case. I have a Victoria Secret's one that has lasted me years, it has lots of room in it and was definitely a good investment as I get so much use out of it.

Phillips Sonicare 

A toothbrush might seem like a strange thing to include on here, but after switching from a standard brush to an electric brush, I feel as though my whole routine has improved. I have had the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush for nearly a year now and I can't imagine not using it. It honestly gives a dentist clean feel and has a range of different settings such as 'white' and 'sensitive' which all give amazing results. It is easy to use, the charge lasts around 3 weeks and it even comes with a travel charging case making it perfect for taking on the go. Of course I got it in pink.

An eye mask 

Everyone seems to laugh when I tell them about my little obsession over eye masks, but I genuinely find I have a much better sleep when using one. They block out every bit of light, are great for if you fancy a nap when on a plane, train or coach and are just as good when it comes to bed time. I have a bit of a collection of these, my favourite for travelling is this satiny pink padded eye mask, and my favourite for night time is an 'eye cushion' I bought from TK Maxx which has two padded cushions that rest on top of each eye made from a super soft, fleecey material. It also has a lavender scent that helps you relax and aids a good nights sleep.

Portable phone charger 

How many times have you been out and about with low phone battery, or needed back up for a long journey? Portable phone chargers are a life saver, they're compact and lightweight making them the ideal travel item to throw in your handbag.

Garnier Micellar Water 

When travelling, it's not always sensible to take your entire skincare collection so having a fuss free alternative is key. I love the Garnier Micellar Water especially in this handy, on-the-go size it is fab for easily removing all your makeup with minimal mess and effort. I also love to take a sleeping mask with me, which is a super simple way of adding hydration to your face and is great for using on flights to prevent dehydration. The Body Shop Vitamin E range does a gorgeous sink in moisture mask that I can't be without.

A good read 

I love nothing more than a good book when going on holiday, I don't find enough time in my day to day life to just sit and fully immerse myself into something, but I always make sure to take a book away with me. I tend to go for something easy to read, like a soppy romance novel, or something typically girly that I can easily get into when I'm relaxing. 

The perfect pair of lashes 

I don't tend to opt for false lashes every day, but when I'm away I love to take a versatile, high quality pair that I can wear at night time to instantly change my look. At the moment I am in love with Lilly Lashes they are so soft, fluffy and look incredibly natural. They do a huge variety of styles but I like something that adds length without being too bold. Luxe are definitely a favourite.

Travel sized toiletries 

Trying to narrow down your toiletries can be such a pain, which is where travel sized goodies are a godsend. I love that you can find near enough anything in a cute, miniature sized version meaning you can easily take them away with you without having to carry round huge bottles.

I absolutely adore all Soap and Glory products, so their minis are so useful to me. I always try and take the few bottles I know I'll use such as a body wash, body butter and hand cream for the flight or journey. I am also loving the small sized perfume I received from my February Glossy Box it is the perfect size for popping in your bag and smells amazing.

What are your travel essentials? Do you have one or two items you cannot go away without?  

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