Sunday, 21 May 2017

Current goals

After an exciting, rather busy start to the year I have not only managed to secure myself a job that I absolutely love, but I am steadily falling into some sort of routine, and I have to say I'm actually enjoying it.

The thought of being an adult is daunting, and is something I have long tried to avoid accepting since graduating university last summer, however I have now found myself having different goals, slightly different priorities and I'm generally spending my days differently. Change isn't always that bad, and I can honestly say I am extremely happy at the moment, and am looking forward to striving towards new goals/targets no matter how small they may seem.

My first goal for the upcoming months is to focus more on my blog, I find leading a busy life and working full time, it is far to easy to abandon writing posts but I always hate myself for it. I started this blog for a reason, and I think with me being a perfectionist I either give it my all or nothing. I definitely want to start planning posts more, and practising my photography, I still feel very overwhelmed with the whole blogging thing, but I am determined to stick at it, mainly because it's something I enjoy and can see myself improving.

I have been trying to shift a few pounds by making small, simple changes to my day and so far I have (somehow) managed to lose a stone. I still have a long way to go until I'll feel satisfied and comfortable, and although I am yet to see a significant difference in myself, it's crazy how much motivation it gives you once you realise that something can be done once you put your mind to it.

*Sips green tea and pretends to be healthy* 

With making better eating choices, comes the obvious following goal. I struggle to push myself to go to the gym, and I really should get into a routine of going because once I do I feel fab but to be honest I find it boring. Maybe I need a gym buddy?? I have been going swimming a good few times a week, as well as going for long dog walks now the weather is improving and these are also things I want to stick to. I want to make it a goal to go on a nice scenic walk somewhere new at least once a week, living somewhere as pretty as North Wales; this shouldn't be difficult.

Saving money is next on my list. I have a couple of holidays on the pipeline for the duration of the year, and I want to ensure I am fully prepared for them so I can enjoy them as much as possible, also I think it's so good to have money stashed away in case of any emergencies (by that I don't mean buying a pair of heels).

Being organised is something I am good at if I plan in advance, otherwise I'm a bit of a last minute larry. This goes for everything, like keeping my room tidy/organised, preparing my meals for the week, and trying to stay in some sort of a routine. I kick myself when I'm unorganised and it only leads to being unproductive, so I am definitely going to focus on being more organised. I love to make to do lists and visually plan my weeks with a weekly note pad, it is so sad yet so satisfying!

Last but not least, I just want to put myself first and do more things I enjoy. I find the more I surround myself with happy, positive people the happier I feel. It really is as simple as that, but I genuinely don't want to waste my time on things or people that stress me out, because life is far too short.

Do you have any goals in place for the next few months? I'd love to hear more! 

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