Monday, 22 May 2017

Favourite pamper picks

Every gal loves a good pamper, whether it's a mid week pick me up, or the soothing end to your evening, with a huge selection of products available, looking after yourself has never felt so good. 

Now I'm not a huge bath lover, but I'd say once a week a relaxing soak is the perfect way for me to chill, unwind and clear my head. With Lush being one of my all time favourite shops, their products of course make it to the top of my pamper picks list.

I definitely prefer their bubble bars to the bath bombs, and anything pink/bubblegum scented is always a winner in my eyes. My absolute staple Lush item has got to be The Comforter Bubble Bar. Not only does it provide you with a pretty pink, bubbly bath it also smells amazing and has Bergamot Oil in which is great for uplifting and cleansing.

As I love skincare, face masks always find their way into my routine, even if it is once a week. Lush face masks are full of skin loving ingredients and all have fab benefits targeted towards specific skin types/problems. I have normal-dry skin so always opt for anything soothing, moisturising and calming. The mask I have on the go at the moment is Oatifix, made with fresh bananas and illipe butter this mask moisturises, nourishes and exfoliates all in one!

At first I felt really strangely towards this, as it has a sort of play dough scent and unlike the other Lush masks I have tried, it has a really thick, hard-to-spread texture. It takes a good few minutes to apply and despite it looking like I have covered my face in porridge/vom it really does work wonders. My skin feels super soft, cleansed and looks a lot brighter after using this. Priced at just £7.25 Lush face masks are really worth investing in, and you even get a free one if you collect 5 empty Lush tubs and take them back to your nearest store; bonus!

It may not exactly fall under the 'pamper' category, but I always find when I'm relaxing or having some well deserved 'me time', having a candle burning in the background really adds to the whole experience. I tend to go for fruity or fresh fragrances, and sometimes you just can't beat something simple. I am currently loving the Yankee Candle in 'Soft Cotton' it just makes my room smell so clean and isn't overpowering.

Exfoliating my body is a step that is often missed in my day to day routine, mainly because it seems like such effort and is quite time consuming, however when I feel like it I really love the benefit of a good old scrub.

 I recently tried a Charcoal Scrub that I received in my May GlossyBox. Charcoal products seem to be huge at the minute and are loved for their naturally detoxifying effect so I thought this would be a great option for my dry skin. I used it alongside the body scrubber I also received in my GlossyBox, which I found really easy to use and effective. The scrub was also surprisingly good, it is gentle (a little messy) but seems to do the trick. It also doesn't have a super strong scent so I'm assuming it is suitable for sensitive skin.

What are your favourite pamper products? Do you have any recommendations? 

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