Saturday, 15 July 2017

Tropic: the all natural skincare brand

Tropic may be a name not many of you have heard of, however it is slowly but surely breaking itself into the beauty industry.
You may remember it from appearing on The Apprentice a few years back, and although the brand didn't win the show, they are quite proudly the only company that despite not winning, were still invested in by the man himself - Lord Alan Sugar!

Driven by a love of all natural products, this brand was born when a young girl Susan began experimenting and mixing her own ingredients together sourced from the Tropical North Queensland in Australia. Fast forward over a decade and this vegan, cruelty free brand now offers a huge range of products from facial cleansers to body scrubs, makeup and much more and the best part is, there is absolutely no harsh chemicals involved.

I had heard of Tropic briefly through an old work colleague but it wasn't until recently, when my Mum held a Tropic 'party' that I had the chance to see and test some of the products, and I was surprisingly really impressed. All of the makeup products look great, the concealer has incredible coverage (it can even hide tattoos) and they also do a stunning self tan oil that adds a gorgeous glow and instant shimmer to your skin that is perfect for holidays. Every single product smells amazing as well, just how you would imagine 'tropical' products to smell - they are tempting to eat but that's obviously not recommended..

The one product I purchased was the Deep Hydration Cooling Soothing Mask. Having normal-dry skin I always opt for anything hydrating, and the fact that it was cooling made it an easy pick with the hot, humid weather we've been experiencing lately.

The mask can be used as often as you require, I tend to use it 2/3 times a week. It has a soft, creamy texture that is quite thin when you apply it but it doesn't need a lot to work its magic. It smells delicious and doesn't make a mess which is always good, it kind of weirdly reminds me of a yogurt because of its texture and sweet smell!

It is suggested that you leave a thin layer of the mask on for around 20-30 minutes, but apparently you can also leave it on overnight (I haven't tried this yet though as I fear it would go everywhere). Once the time is up, simply wash off with warm water and a flannel. I have been loving the handy Tropic headband that I also got which is great for popping on beforehand so you don't get any product in your hair.

My thoughts on this mask are that it is simple yet effective. It is easy to apply, doesn't make a mess and if you leave it in the fridge it does offer a lovely cooling effect. I also found that it did add a lot of moisture back into my skin as I found my face was looking a little dry and sorry for itself after the constant use of chlorine from my weekly swimming sessions. This mask definitely helped hydrate my skin and improve its appearance after a couple of uses.

I would also say a little goes a long way, as you only need a thin layer, the tub should last you a good while making it great value for money. If you're looking for an all natural alternative to other face mask brands, Tropic also do two other face masks, a Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask and a Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask, so there is definitely something to suit all skin types and tackle all problems!

Overall I am definitely impressed with my first Tropic product, and after looking through their brochure I already have my eye on a few things that I might just have to treat myself to in the next few weeks.

Have you heard of Tropic or tried any of their products? What did you think? 

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