Saturday, 12 August 2017

A look inside this months GlossyBox

Nothing says summer quite like a little pastel-coloured box filled with the best seasonal beauty essentials. GlossyBox's August edit is seriously impressive, so I thought I would provide a roundup
of exactly what was included in this months box, along with my initial impressions.

Firstly, it felt strange not seeing the signature pretty pink box I am used to getting when I opened my package, but I am loving the limited edition blue and metallic gold box design. Although the weather in the UK isn't set to be great for the duration of our so called 'summer', this handful of products are set to have you covered if we miraculously have a heatwave between now and September.

Let's take a look inside... 

Batiste 2in1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner (Orange and Pomegranate) 

I don't know about you, but from Monday to Friday my hair typically consists of 90% dry shampoo. It's something I simply can't be without, whatever the weather or season, and Batiste are one of my go-to brands. They seem to be expanding their well-loved line of dry shampoos lately, and I am currently also using their texture spray (which I also received in a GlossyBox) and their classic take on hairspray. This miniature sized can will be perfect for popping in my handbag, and after giving it a quick spray, I can assure you it smells amazing! I will definitely get use out of this.

Modellauncher Safari Sun Bronzer 

Day to day I tend to turn to a cheaper bronzing product, as I don't like to waste my beloved Chanel Universal Bronzer for days at the office. This bronzer offers a blend of warm-toned shades, promises natural results and is also enriched with minerals, which is always a good thing hey?! I will be giving this a try as my daily bronzer.

Valquer Ice Hair Mask Total Repair 

Now, I'm not quite convinced on this one. I just can't seem to think I would enjoy a cooling sensation on my head, maybe if I lived in the Sahara desert, or if I took this on holiday; I might just appreciate it more, but at the minute I'm a little bit weary. I hate the feel of even my wet hair on the back of my neck as it instantly makes me cold and uncomfortable, but that being said I will give this a go - preferably on a warm boiling day.

Rodial Suede Lips 

This isn't the first Rodial product I've received in a GlossyBox, I have used one of their mascara's before which I really liked, so I am excited to put this to the test. Although it has a matte finish, it says the formula contains vitamin e and is hydrating so this should look really lovely once applied. It's in the shade 'Big Apple' which I would say is a brownish/red shade.

Essence Live Laugh Celebrate Palette 

This compact palette has been specially designed to be customised, allowing you to add/remove the pans of your choice. I really like this idea and think it will be perfect for travelling when you're trying to pack light. I also received two eyeshadow pans to pop in the palette, along with a blusher and a highlighter which is great for getting started!

Last but not least, I got a Purlei bracelet which sort of matches the theme of the box, and reminds me of the bands you wear to festivals, so it does have summer reminiscing written all over it. I feel like it would look nice on holiday or for the beach, but it's not something I can see myself wearing very often.

What did you receive in your latest beauty box? Do you recommend any beauty box subscriptions other than GlossyBox?