Thursday, 24 August 2017

10 small things that make me happy

I feel like everything has been on-the-go lately, but in a good way! I feel like I'm in a really good place at the minute, and know exactly what I want and where I want to be. I'm in a routine, I'm busy a lot of the time,
even if it's doing little things for myself and I am finally putting my own happiness first. I'd say it's good to be selfish in some ways, and now is definitely my 'selfish' time. I feel motivated and positive, and quite simply; happy! So I thought I'd focus this post on ten small things that make me happy.

1. Relaxing - whether it's unwinding with a decent book, or magazine I love nothing more than cosying up in my favourite PJ's and having a few hours to just chill. Throw in a face mask and a pamper and I'm in my element! Candles are a must for relaxing and I finally managed to track down an Aldi 'Jo Malone' dupe candle and it smells delicious, I currently have 'No. 1' but would like to give the other two scents a try.

2. Scenic walks - I live in such a beautiful place that I rarely appreciate, and I mentioned in a goals post a few months back that I wanted to start going on 'pretty' walks quite regularly. I have been trying to go for one every weekend and have managed to see some lovely places and I plan to continue visiting new destinations as I'm lucky to have so many of them on my doorstep. A Sunday doesn't seem complete without a stroll now!

3. Organisation - more often than not my room ends up looking like my dressing table drawers have been tipped upside down after I've been getting ready, but I feel like the phrase really is true - 'tidy house, tidy mind'. I am so much happier and more relaxed knowing everything is in order and my room is clean and tidy, and I've found my mood to be ten times better now that I am being organised with other small tasks. I am obsessed with to-do lists, and have found keeping a proper planner/diary to be so useful. I bought a gorgeous one from Tk Maxx that includes lots of motivational quotes in each section as well as plenty of room to plan each week. This helps me to be productive and it is so satisfying seeing what you've managed to get done each day.

4. My dogs - I couldn't not include my four-legged fur babies on here, because as sad as it sounds, they are literally my little best mates! They are the best company and provide endless love and cuddles that I couldn't be without.

5. A good cup of tea - Tea makes everything better. Upset? Have a cup of tea. Tired? Have a cup of tea, it seriously solves everything and it's the first thing I reach for in the morning before work, and I just don't feel myself until I've had my daily fix. I do also love a good coffee, but I'd say I'm more of a tea kinda gal.

6. Fresh flowers - They instantly brighten the room and I love having a fresh bouquet on my dressing table every now and then (even if I do have to buy them for myself.. queue the violins).

7. Soppy romance films - I can be a bit manly when it comes to my film choices, I love action, crime and war films, but I'm also a sucker for a good old cringe-fest. Oldies are the best, and two of my top picks have to be How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Pretty Woman.

8. People that make me laugh hard - Laughing is probably how I spent 90% of my time, and I also have the world's worst nervous laugh that can get me in trouble sometimes - my bad, but I swear nothing beats being around someone that gives you the giggles constantly/ I always try and find laughter in every situation; good or bad!

9. Exercise - now I never thought this would make it on the list, but I have recently started a morning bootcamp class three times a week, and I surprisingly love it. Apart from the post aches and pains, and the dreaded early mornings, I feel so fresh and full of energy after going and like the fact I am pushing myself to do something, and going out of my comfort zone.

10. Chocolate - or cake, or biscuits, or anything sweet. I have a massive sweet tooth so it is my comfort food whenever I need a little pick me up, and it's always my biggest temptation. I am trying to be healthy at the minute though and have a new found love for raw Cacao and Peanut brownies - who'd have thought it?! Everything in moderation though and today was definitely a biscuit (or 5) day..

What small things make you happy?