Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Spa in a jar: The Ritual of Hammam collection

Who doesn't love a cheeky trip to the spa? Personally, I find there's no better way to unwind than to completely switch off (that means surgically removing my phone from my hand) and having some kind of relaxing treatment. Although I love to do this - as I'm sure many of you do too
, it isn't exactly an affordable way to chill out, so in between those little 'me to me' treats I decided to hunt for some 'DIY' spa-style treatments that I could try at home.

The main treatment I tend to choose at a spa, is a salt and oil scrub. Having dry skin, this really does give the best results and I come out feeling like a new woman! Ideally, I'd love to have at least one a month, but unfortunately I just can't seem to justify spending £40+ a month on something I could kind of do myself (if I stop being lazy).

I had a browse in the Rituals shop in Cheshire Oaks a couple of weeks ago, where I was given a gorgeous complimentary hand massage by a lovely sales assistant. She didn't however, use hand products, she instead went through a few of their body collections, asked which scent I liked the best and then talked me through each product. I instantly loved the smell of the Hammam products as they smell so fresh and exactly like a spa. Let's just say I didn't take much persuading, and went on to buy the whole collection - and I do not regret it one bit!

So there are a few products in this collection, which are designed to use in conjunction of one another, but you can also use them alone if you don't feel up to doing the whole routine or only want to purchase one or two items. I personally use the products in this order:

Step one: 

I apply the Foaming Shower Gel all over in place of my normal shower gel. This product is so rich and a little goes a long way. It foams up straight away and is so soft against your skin, and doesn't strip it of moisture like some harsh shower gels do. It also smells amazing which is always a bonus.

Step two: 

I then go on to mix the Black Soap with the Hot Scrub and it forms a paste-like texture which not only makes it easier to use, but it speeds up the process a bit and hydrates your skin whilst you're exfoliating. I apply this in circular motions, focusing on one area of the body at a time.

Step three: 

After rinsing the scrub off, I then apply the Body Mud which is like a face mask but for your body. This formula draws out all impurities and contains eucalyptus which makes it really cooling on your skin. You're supposed to leave this on for around 2 minutes before rinsing off, but I always chicken out early because it really is cool and tingly! When rinsing it off, softly rub the product against your skin as it does have a gentle exfoliating effect.

Step four: 

Lastly, once I'm out of the shower or bath and am dry, I apply the Body Cream all over which sinks in to the skin almost immediately and doesn't feel sticky at all. Every single product from this collection smells so fresh and soothing, you seriously will feel like you've been at the spa!

I tend to do this routine about once a week when I feel like I'm due a good pamper. In between though I like to use the foaming shower gel, or the black hydrating soap (without the scrub). Not only do I really rate this collection, I think the quality and affordability is so good. I did save around £20 all together as I purchased them at an outlet store, but even if you were to buy them at full price, they are well worth the money, the scrub and moisturiser pots are huge and I'm sure they will last me a long time and will definitely cut costs in comparison to having a similar spa treatment.

Have you tried anything from the Ritual of Hammam collection? What is your favourite Rituals product?